Car shopping.

I have decided I really want a new car and I actually went to a few dealerships last weekend. I decided to check out BMW, Lexus, Toyota, and Acura. Specifically I was looking at the BMW 330Ci, Lexus IS250 and IS350, Solara Convertible, and an Acura TL type S. Well I thought it would be between the BMW and the Lexus. Nope. I was NOT impressed with the BMW at all. It was my first time driving one and I have always heard what great cars they were, and how once you drive one you will never go back. Obviously, those people have never driven a toyota... But since Lexus is really made by Toyota, I found my love. The choice really came down to the Lexus or the Acura (surprisingly). But I really think I would rather have the Lexus.. now i am just thinking of a way to come up with the money.....

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