christmas for grown-ups

...is SO different than when I was a kid..

You really do enjoy giving more than receiving.

Time really does fly, it seems like the older I get the faster time goes by. Every time you turn around its Christmas again.

I really do enjoy spending time with my family. My dad actually said one of the sweetest things while i was home for Christmas, he said to my mom, "I have really enjoyed spending so much time with my two favorite people." My parents really are my favorite people in the entire world. I love them :) I know I take them for granted but I know I am really lucky to have such wonderful parents.

I sleep later on Christmas :)

In some ways growing up sucks, but there are definitely perks to growing up as well.

wonka knows..

"Don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he he always wanted...he lived happily ever after" --Willy Wonka

You only live once, why not just get what you want. i do. and im happy.



Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic


love actually.

"...general opinion's starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don't see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge - they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I've got a sneaking suspision love actually is all around." -love actually

When you think the world is a crappy place, just remember that quote and it will make you really believe there is still some good left in this world.


*1.Drama- Something women and especially teenage girls thrive on. Consisting of any number of situations that have an easy solution, which would bring a fairly good outcome, but these girls choose a bad way to deal with it, again consisting of backstabbing, blackmailing/gossiping/betraying their friends, it drives men and what i like to call "normal" girls nuts.

Why do some people feel their purpose in life is to create drama in other people's lives.. seriously people. I love that in that definition it says women and teenage girls thrive on it, but the biggest drama queen I know is an older man. Seriously, he should know better.

I hate drama. just mind your own business.

*taken from urbandictionary



It's really getting harder to download music, not that i did that but, i heard. So anyway, there are some cool sites that allow you to make playlists and listen to full length songs online. I used one to create the playlist you hear on this site.
Another is:
Project Playlist

Some music that I really like now are:
Evans Blue Hall and Oats
Cary Brothers Trivium
Red Seether
Iron and Wine Sixx AM
Sevendust 40 Below Summer

Check them out..


Top Christmas Movies

Well I wrote a list of top Halloween movies, so I thought why not do it for Christmas.. There are some really great movies out there.. so here are some to help you get into the Christmas spirit..

Miracle on 34th Street
A Christmas Story
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Bad Santa
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Home Alone
A Christmas Carol
The Santa Clause
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
Love Actually
It's a Wonderful Life


What does your coffee say about you?

One of my friends recently was telling me a story about one of her friends grandmother "reading her coffee." Neither one of us had ever heard of this tradition, but apparently its an old Greek tradition that is really similar to reading palms.

After a cup of coffee has been poured, and drank. The cup would be shaken well and any remaining liquid should be drained into a saucer. Now the coffee reader now looks at the pattern of coffee grounds in the cup and allows the imagination to play around the shapes suggested by them. These shapes are then interpreted intuitively or by means of a fairly standard system of symbolism.

My friend was told things about an old man with gray hair was sick, and would go to be with God soon, and that she should call him and that she would at some point go on an international trip.. my thoughts--weird.

How can fortune tellers really get their giggles.. I could even do it.. someone in your life will die, It looks like they have brown hair. Guess what, everyone dies eventually, they never say when and soon is such a relative term, soon as opposed to eternity well, thats a really long time. When fortune tellers start their stories pretty much anything they say can relate to something, however far-fetched it may be. It's kinda like when you are in a bad mood and you turn the radio on the country music station, it seems like every single song can relate to you at that particular moment. It's crap, just live your life.


20 Simple Tips..

.. for the perfect date

Another great article taken from the mens health site that I wanted to write some comments about..

1. It's okay to suggest a drink instead of dinner for a first date. She dreads a boring four-course ordeal, too.

2. Call her by early evening on Monday to confirm a Tuesday get-together. (Weekends aren't for first dates.)
YES, weekends are for my friends!

4. If you want to keep the plans a surprise, at least clue her in as to what to wear. You do not want an overdressed, overstressed woman navigating the Talladega pits in high heels
TOTALLY! guys are always like, oh you can wear whatever, but hello.. if you're going bowling you need socks, if you're going to be outside you may wear a heavier sweater or jacket... its important!

5. Yes, she'll notice if the date location you've chosen is conveniently around the block from your place.
YES, be a gentleman.

6. Don't assume that just because you're out with a beautiful woman, she knows how pretty she looks -- she wants to hear it from you.
Everyone loves a compliment..

8. Men judge women according to whether they can picture having sex with them; women judge men by whether they can imagine kissing them. White teeth, fresh breath, and unchapped lips make her more apt to pucker up.
Probably the biggest turn off ever, bad breath. and Don't smoke, carry gum.

12. If she touches your arm, she's interested; if she touches your leg, she's interested tonight.
and prob a sloot.

14. Very small protective gestures go a long way and show her you're a gentleman: Offer your arm as she's stepping from a curb, direct her away from shards of broken glass aka Say Anything. She'll notice if you wait until she's safely in her car or house before you leave. Wait the extra 90 seconds, and next time you might be going in with her.
AND open doors, all doors. Believe me, she will notice.

15. She expects you to know her eye color after the first date.

17. She knows that when you invite her over for a homemade meal or to watch a movie, it's code for "tonight is hook-up night." Don't play this card any earlier than date three.

18. A Friday or Saturday night is required by date four. Otherwise, she'll wonder who else you're seeing.
But not the first couple of times you see her.

19. Rule of Groping: If anything happens that couldn't be shown on prime-time TV, call her the next day. Otherwise, she'll feel cheap and used.

20. Don't say, "I'll call you," if you have no intention to. She'd prefer that you say nothing at all.
Just do what you say, its not that hard is it..

50 Things...

.. she wishes you knew taken from this Mens Health article

I came across this article, and I thought it was pretty interesting.. I wanted to have some comments, some of them are seriously dead on, like..

3. I will leave if you lie. (definitely)

4. You are cute in raglan-sleeved T-shirts (two-toned baseball undershirts). (LOVE it, prob my favorite shirt ever)

5. I'm convinced I'm pregnant and obsess about it for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours before my period, even when I have no rational reason to think so.

6. I love it when you hug me from behind and whisper in my ear. (totally)

7. "Fine" is never an appropriate response when I ask you how I look.

13. I'm scared of losing my independence. (I love my independence, prob more than you do)

14. I'm more forgiving of you than I really should be.

18. Shoes determine whether you're fashionable or not. (shoes are everything, yes everything)

20. When I compare my flabby tummy to a kangaroo pouch, say nothing.

21. A man I love plans the occasional fancy-schmancy dress-up date and impromptu weekend getaways, and he buys my favorite candy in advance when we're just going to the movies. (this doesnt have to be elaborate, but seriously its not hard to make a reservation and make plans for the evening, check out opentable)

22. You look hot in hooded clothing items.

23. You should never tell me what to do. (ever)

24. If I slept over, you owe me breakfast.

27. I'm very impressed when you ask for my advice. (and more so if you actually take it)

29. When in doubt, go with the shirt that matches your eye color. (bonus points if you have blue eyes)

33. You're sexy when you're shaving, fixing things, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, driving, eating a peach, holding a baby. (you don't have to try)

36. I want to be the best thing that ever happened to you--and for you to recognize this. (and tell me so)

37. If I'm not feeling loved, I will start looking....

38. Discussion of ex-gf's and ex-bf's should be avoided at all times. (so don't ask me about them)

43. A lady should always be greeted with kisses.

47. It's cheating as soon as you're doing something with her that you wouldn't want me to see, hear, read...

48. For the record: I'd rather you break up with me than cheat.

49. I remember everything about our relationship. (for the most part)

50. You should know all this and more without my telling you.

Thats not so hard is it..


The Loft

I saw Cary Brothers for the second time tonight, at the loft. It was a great show, very intimate venue small crowd. It was fabulous.

The Perfect Man..

..is there really such a thing, prob not but I can dream right :)

The real truth to why I am even going to begin to try and describe my "perfect" idea of a guy is because one of my friends sent me his list of his "perfect" girl and he insisted on me having a response.. so here goes.. (in no particular order)

-great smile
-ability to make me laugh at any time
-if im in a bad mood, he's gotta be able to cheer me up (really this prob sounds a lot harder than it actually is, a hug usually works)
-able to handle my busy lifestyle (lets face it, im not around much I can't be with someone who needs me every second)
-nice guy (nice guys don't always finish last, I personally HATE jerks)
-athletic (it really bothers me when a guy can't just play catch)
-silly and serious (there's a time and place for everything)
-has his own interests, and not just like everything that I like
-has his own friends
-appreciates the little things (we all know its really the little things that matter)
-able to have fun with me out and about or watching youtube on my couch
-doesn't smoke
-open doors (yes, i'm old fashioned)
-confident, notice i did not say cocky
-be a friend (don't you want your 'man' to be your best friend)
-great eyes
-able to hold his end of the conversation
-financially stable
-get along with with my friends and family
-acts the same around everyone
-not jealous, been there done that (to me, this does not prove that you care, to me this means you are not confident being with me)
-independent (needy guys get on my nerves)
-able to cook (and clean :) I said perfect right.. )
-goal oriented (he's gotta know what he wants and actually go for it)
-want to learn
-likes to travel
-good to his mama (they always say a guy will treat you like he treats his mama)
-handy (fixing things)
-good with kids
-and wants at least one of his own
-can iron (I almost cut my finger off ironing, I'm not a fan)
-good dresser
-likes to try new things (restaurants, whatever)
-makes me happy
-agree to sometimes watch a chick flick (not always, but sometimes)
-keeps his promises
-quick witted
-competitive (he's gotta be able to keep up with me)
-no stalker tendencies
-appreciates me
-likes christmas (yep, im a christmas nerd, i love christmas songs and lights, and decorations)

this seems like a pretty long list, and it changes as i grow older, i think it actually gets longer as i get older, but I guess the older i am the more i know what i actually want, whats really important to me, and i dont settle for anything else, so why this...

really, i think most people are going to have pretty similar responses, but i guess everyone has their own personal flair that they throw into the mix.. and who knows.. maybe he's out there..



Growing up is hard to do

It seems like things just keep getting harder. Decisions actually seem to affect more stuff, I have a mortgage to pay, bills that I can't get behind on, and its important for me to be a role model. Growing up is a lot harder than I ever thought. I don't like it. Sometimes I just wish I was a kid again, but other times not. There are "adult" things I really like, but there may be more things I really don't.


OK GO.. again.

This one is good too..

I think these guys are awesome dancers!


This is prob the best video of all time.. how fun.



So, as you know we are in the worst drought in Georgia history.. One of my friends had this idea, if everyone peed outside once a day that would save a lot of water. Check out his site: peeoutside.org

Go sign up and help save some water!



I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving! Time flies when you get old. It sucks. I guess you just don't have time to sit around and do nothing so it seems like it goes by faster. weird.

I think I'm actually going to cook some stuff to take to the family thanksgiving this year. I guess thats how you know you're growing up, actually making something for the lunch instead of just chowing down on all the food that all my great aunts and my mom cooks. Growing up sucks, i want to be young again.


Dork on.

I have a degree in Computer Science and a minor in math, that qualifies me as a full dork. So, for a job I figured might as well make some use of my degree doing a sales position really letting all my skills of programming, yuck, go to waste.

I haven't really decided what I want to do with my life, who ever knows really? So people ask, why did you get the degree if you didn't want to be a programmer? Well, what else was I going to major in.. I know, bad answer.

The real answer: I started my college adventure as a pre-med Biology major, with hopes of becoming a Pediatrician or a Pediatric PA but with me missing so many classes because of ball and my studying allergies I decided it was in my best interest to change my major. So I did, to computer science. Really, that stuff just kinda comes natural to me. Why the math minor? Well as stupid as this sounds, as I was getting deeper into my CS classes, I really enjoyed the harder math topics. So why not take the extra one class and be able to brag about having a math minor.

If i could go back i can't say if i would change my degree or not. i really think i would have enjoyed working with kids, and it would be tons easier to get a job. but i don't have time to play the what if game. i'm happy, really thats all that matters to me.

let the geek return.



Saturday I went to see Sevendust at the Tabernacle, expecting a really rockin' show and I gotta say I left a little disappointed. I'm not saying it wasn't a good show. They sounded great, but I just didn't get that "rock concert" feeling. It was the last show of their tour, and they just seemed a little tired.

What do I mean but the "rock concert" feeling?
I mean, people moshing, fighting, the normal craziness that you have to kinda watch your back for. Seems like that would be a good thing right? I know. But its still just part of really feeling like you're at one of those out of control rock concerts. And the crowd was kinda small, maybe since the GA/Auburn game was on earlier. But still...

rock out.


Perfectly Stated

"I've found almost everything ever written about love to be true. Shakespeare said "Journeys end in lovers meeting." What an extraordinary thought. Personally, I have not experienced anything remotely close to that, but I am more than willing to believe Shakespeare had. I suppose I think about love more than anyone really should. I am constantly amazed by its sheer power to alter and define our lives. It was Shakespeare who also said "love is blind". Now that is something I know to be true. For some quite inexplicably, love fades; for others love is simply lost. But then of course love can also be found, even if just for the night. And then, there's another kind of love: the cruelest kind. The one that almost kills its victims. Its called unrequited love. Of that I am an expert. Most love stories are about people who fall in love with each other. But what about the rest of us? What about our stories, those of us who fall in love alone? We are the victims of the one sided affair. We are the cursed of the loved ones. We are the unloved ones, the walking wounded. The handicapped without the advantage of a great parking space!" --the Holiday

Last night I watched the Holiday, and it started out with this quote, which I am now in love with.


Happy Halloween!

I'm not really a fan of halloween, but it is halloweeen.. so have a happy one!


Scary Movies

Since it is almost Halloween.. I thought I would put a list of the some of the best scary movies..

The Shining
The Exorcist
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Silence of the Lambs
Seven --not really scary just really really messed up
13 Ghosts

I haven't seen, but i have heard about these..
Rosemary's Baby
The Omen

I'm going to see the 4th of the Saw movies tonight.. I watched the 3rd last night.. I forgot how messed up those movies are. Seriously there are some demented people out there.. beware.


The Hot List!

I made my votes, so I get to see the winners.

MyFoxAtlanta HOTLIST

It's always good to know where the people of Atlanta think are the HOTTEST!


Gold Rush!

Gold Rush is a time for fun. Really its an arts and crafts festival in Dahlonega every year around the third weekend in October, for alumni of NGCSU its the time to go back to see all your buddies, since everyone goes to Gold Rush!

Well this year, we went and as always, it was a blast. It was great to see everyone and bring back all the old memories of being in college. Wow, did we have it easy back then or what... no mortgages, no job, just playing ball and doing homework. I met some really great people in college, and I am so glad that we have something like this to go back to. I decided that it sucks that this is the only time we really get together, so I am going to start organizing get-togethers every other month, since I figured we would want to say every month and it would never happen, so I thought this way we could actually make it happen. As we speak I am trying to get a list of emails that are interested in doing this and setting up our first meeting, probably for Kayla's bday. Fun times, fun times.

I love Dahlonega!



I have such a busy life. I give pitching lessons every night of the week except for Friday and Saturday. It's kinda ridiculous. I work on average about 12 hours every day, and work all day Sunday. But I like it that way, I mean if I have some spare time I try to fill it as fast as I can. It's weird, kinda like I'm not satisfied just chilling. I don't have time for that! I need to learn to relax.. but I don't think I know how. :(



My new love.. I went shopping in the highlands and saw them there, it was love at first sight.. I tried them on but didn't want to make Jason wait for me to buy them. So, I waited and as I found myself still dreaming of them a couple of weeks later I knew it was true love. I ordered them off Zappos (my other true love) and got them yesterday. And of course I wore them for the first time today. I love being in love.


true friends

It's sad how you lose touch with buddies. In high school you think you have the best friends, then when you go off to college you lose touch with most of the high school buds and make even better college friends, who actually know you better because you live with them, there are no parents and you really do get to know them at a new level. Then once you graduate and move on with your real life, you lose touch with a lot of them as well. But your true friends are always there, you don't have to talk to them everyday but when you do talk its like you haven't missed a second. I love my friends.



I didn't realize how much I rely on elevators until my unfortunate event yesterday. When I was ready to take zoe out to the bathroom, i tried to hit the down button for the elevator, my heart sank when I couldn't get the down button to light up, naturally I hit the up button-no light. I tired a few more times and then I see a dude down the hall, and he says, "we had a power surge, it got the elevators" So I had to take the stairs, my 25th floor condo wasn't so great at that moment. So I carried my little zoe down the 25 flights of stairs, and let her go to the bathroom. Then carried her 25 flights back up to then remember, oh yeah, this is fort knox, the door to my floor is locked and I don't have a key. So I got to bang on the door from the non air conditioned stairwell for about 10 minutes until one of my neighbors let me in. Then I had to once again walk down 25 flights of stairs to then walk back up four levels of the parking garage. My building is really safe, but in times like yesterday it sucks. bad. thank god the elevators were working when I got home last night.

Thank you otis, for elevators. Please keep mine working.


Laugh more.

A laugh is a smile that bursts ~Mary Waldrip

Laughing is my favorite.



I went and saw Stomp this weekend at the fox.. I would not recommend taking a little kid to see that, after it was over even I wanted to go kick, stomp, bang on stuff. it was a great show, it was amazing the music those people could make just by jumping around and hitting stuff. They did an entire song with nothing more than lighters. amazing.


what is style?

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” -Gore Vidal

guess I'm stylish..


California Bound

Most people haven't heard of him, Cary Brothers, he is an independent artist, who actually I heard first on myspace. But I went to his show in Atlanta, and he is just a great artist, he will be big someday, he is awesome.

This is one of my favorite Cary Brothers songs. Its not on his cds, but he is a great singer and definitely in my top 5.

is it true?

I was reading last night the Atlantan magazine.. H&M is FINALLY opening a store in Atlanta. It will be in Atlantic Station, which I kinda hate, but I think that I may now have a real reason to make the dreaded trip over to Atlantic Station. I LOVE H&M! Its super cute, super cheap clothes! What could be better! I have been to the stores in New York, and DC. But now I can go here!! That totally made my week!

Check out H&M!


myfoxatlanta HOT LIST!

I saw something about myfoxatlanta's HOT LIST.. so I thought, why not vote. Well turns out there are a lot of places that were nominated that i have never heard of! Guess there are a lot more places that I'll want to try. To be honest, I have a list of places that I want to go to: eat, hang, dance, chill, etc.. I just want to try everywhere! Atlanta has so many great places to check out. I love the city. Here are some of the things I voted for:

Live Comedy: Whole World Theatre
Ice Cream Shop: Paulo's Gelato
Coffee Shop: Café Intermezzo
Best Live Music: Smith's Olde Bar
Best Trendy Bar: Opera
Best Jazz and Blues: Sambuca
Best Dance Club: CosmoLava
Best Sports Bar: Dantanna's
Best Irish Pub: Fado Irish Pub
Best Beer Selection: Brick Store Pub
Best Tapas: Noche
Best Mexican: Twisted Taco
Best Sushi: MF Sushibar
Best Romantic Restaurant: Ruth's Chris Steak House
Best Brunch: Murphy's
Best Sandwich: Fresh to Order
Best Burger: Vortex
Best Breakfast: Flying Biscuit Cafe
Best Wings: Locos
Best Barbecue: Fat Matt's Rib Shack

Check them out and once you do, review them on yelp!



Summer is almost over.. but that means, fall is coming! I gotta admit I think I like fall better, its not as hot, you can actually stand being outside. I like being able to just chill on a patio without breaking a sweat from eating my dinner. But i will also miss days like that, sitting by the pool.. seasons come and seasons go I guess.



Fashion is all around us, everyone has a style of their own. I love that everyone has control of their own style, nobody can change that.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
-Coco Chanel

Car shopping.

I have decided I really want a new car and I actually went to a few dealerships last weekend. I decided to check out BMW, Lexus, Toyota, and Acura. Specifically I was looking at the BMW 330Ci, Lexus IS250 and IS350, Solara Convertible, and an Acura TL type S. Well I thought it would be between the BMW and the Lexus. Nope. I was NOT impressed with the BMW at all. It was my first time driving one and I have always heard what great cars they were, and how once you drive one you will never go back. Obviously, those people have never driven a toyota... But since Lexus is really made by Toyota, I found my love. The choice really came down to the Lexus or the Acura (surprisingly). But I really think I would rather have the Lexus.. now i am just thinking of a way to come up with the money.....

My Zoe

She is prob the best dog ever made. and she's mine.


Time is underestimated. i don't really have a lot of free time and when I do, I have to be picky on what I spend it doing. Time is money. Money is fun. I wish I had more of both.



Money really is important. But its also kinda bad, I mean I would think that is the main reason for fighting among married couples, and stress on people. You have to have money to do basically anything, to go anywhere, even to eat. That really kinda sucks. So basically you're whole life you are working to make money just so you can spend it. Sucky deal.


Compliment me!

Compliment people as much as possible. I know it really does make their day better.

This morning i was in the elevator and this girl (in a SUPER cute outfit) complimented me on my shoes, it really did make the start to the day a zillion times better.

You never know what people are going through and just how much a smile or making someone else smile can really mean to them.

I'll skip the museum next time
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southpark me

When i was on southpark, this was my character.. I thought they did a pretty good job.



So.. I have been trying to decide on what kind of car I want next. I have it pretty narrowed down to a Lexus IS250, a BMW330 Ci, or a Lotus Elise. Yep, I'm not kidding. So I thought I had it figured out until I saw... LEXUS LF-A

Apparently, this car is powered by a 500-plus horsepower V10, which has no problem breaking 200 miles per hour.

I want one.



Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!

I was really just seeing what this does.. this is me and lillie when I went to visit her in Arizona!



Why is it that all my good thoughts come to me at night. When I lay down to go to sleep--it never fails something will be on my mind. Usually it will be something I want to buy or something I want to do, maybe even some decorating that I want to do to my place. I hate that.

money and fun!

Money is kinda like fun, you can't ever have enough of either..



So, I took a small 'lunch break' from work and found myself once again in DSW. I think that place is heaven.. So one of the store workers asked me if I was finding everything alright, and of course I respond with the usual.. I'm fine thanks, then I followed up with, I need to get out of this store, I'm finding way too many things. And he responded, Sometimes you just have to escape to shoeland. I love that!



I admit to having a love with shoes. I mostly love high high heels.. But there is this quote that explains maybe the reasoning behind my love for shoes:

"When I feel down, I like to treat myself.
Clothes never look any good,
and food just makes me fatter, but shoes always fit."
--In Her Shoes

And thinking about it, that is SO true, I may not always wear the same size clothes but shoes look great on fat or skinny people. I love that!


So. Since this week at work was two days, I got a ton done......

Aside from that, I also found these pretty funny comics:


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Some of them are pretty off color, but some are really pretty dang funny...



I am finally going on my first vacation with my two best friends, katie and LT. We are going to Myrtle Beach, SC. I haven't ever been.. We are gonna stay in one of the sands resorts, it should be pretty fun. We are leaving Thursday morning. I only have to work two days this week and seriously right now this monday is just dragging on.. ugh.... I want to go to the beach and get all tan!


welcome.. so.. I thought I could make a blog and see how it goes.. my life is not really interesting, but I was bored.. so I thought i would share..

So.. this weekend.. I'll skip friday..

Saturday--I layed by the pool.. fabulous.. then I went and got some gelado.. fabulous.. played on the playground at some hidden park i had never seen in the highlands.. I got a HUGE blister on my hand :( not so fabulous.. then I went to the movies and saw 1408...good one.. then a couple of friends dropped by to watch the storm from my oh so fabulous balcony.

Sunday--did a little laundry.. then pitching lessons.. ate some applebees.. and then came home and did some more laundry..