I didn't realize how much I rely on elevators until my unfortunate event yesterday. When I was ready to take zoe out to the bathroom, i tried to hit the down button for the elevator, my heart sank when I couldn't get the down button to light up, naturally I hit the up button-no light. I tired a few more times and then I see a dude down the hall, and he says, "we had a power surge, it got the elevators" So I had to take the stairs, my 25th floor condo wasn't so great at that moment. So I carried my little zoe down the 25 flights of stairs, and let her go to the bathroom. Then carried her 25 flights back up to then remember, oh yeah, this is fort knox, the door to my floor is locked and I don't have a key. So I got to bang on the door from the non air conditioned stairwell for about 10 minutes until one of my neighbors let me in. Then I had to once again walk down 25 flights of stairs to then walk back up four levels of the parking garage. My building is really safe, but in times like yesterday it sucks. bad. thank god the elevators were working when I got home last night.

Thank you otis, for elevators. Please keep mine working.

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