Gold Rush!

Gold Rush is a time for fun. Really its an arts and crafts festival in Dahlonega every year around the third weekend in October, for alumni of NGCSU its the time to go back to see all your buddies, since everyone goes to Gold Rush!

Well this year, we went and as always, it was a blast. It was great to see everyone and bring back all the old memories of being in college. Wow, did we have it easy back then or what... no mortgages, no job, just playing ball and doing homework. I met some really great people in college, and I am so glad that we have something like this to go back to. I decided that it sucks that this is the only time we really get together, so I am going to start organizing get-togethers every other month, since I figured we would want to say every month and it would never happen, so I thought this way we could actually make it happen. As we speak I am trying to get a list of emails that are interested in doing this and setting up our first meeting, probably for Kayla's bday. Fun times, fun times.

I love Dahlonega!

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