What does your coffee say about you?

One of my friends recently was telling me a story about one of her friends grandmother "reading her coffee." Neither one of us had ever heard of this tradition, but apparently its an old Greek tradition that is really similar to reading palms.

After a cup of coffee has been poured, and drank. The cup would be shaken well and any remaining liquid should be drained into a saucer. Now the coffee reader now looks at the pattern of coffee grounds in the cup and allows the imagination to play around the shapes suggested by them. These shapes are then interpreted intuitively or by means of a fairly standard system of symbolism.

My friend was told things about an old man with gray hair was sick, and would go to be with God soon, and that she should call him and that she would at some point go on an international trip.. my thoughts--weird.

How can fortune tellers really get their giggles.. I could even do it.. someone in your life will die, It looks like they have brown hair. Guess what, everyone dies eventually, they never say when and soon is such a relative term, soon as opposed to eternity well, thats a really long time. When fortune tellers start their stories pretty much anything they say can relate to something, however far-fetched it may be. It's kinda like when you are in a bad mood and you turn the radio on the country music station, it seems like every single song can relate to you at that particular moment. It's crap, just live your life.

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