The List..

I was recently reading an article in some magazine, about how we optimists are always being disappointed by things. When you always look for the bright side in everything, lets face it.. you are setting yourself up for disappointment.. But that's why we should all come up with our own 'list' of things, people, places, etc.. that never disappoint.
So I figured I should prob come up with my own 'list' so that when I get disappointed, I will know where I can turn :)

.Mall-There is just something about retail therapy that never lets me down
.Orbit gum - Mint Mojito. I just love it.
.Shoes, to be specific my gray high heels, i just love them - remember, no matter how fat or skinny you get, shoes will always fit
.Zoe - She always loves me no matter what, she always listens to me, never talks back or complains, and she is always there
.80s music - no matter what, it just makes me happier
.LT - I love friends that don't take work to have, she is just so light hearted, she always can make me laugh, just love her.
.Lillie - If I ever need to talk about anything, she is there. We have the best talks ever, she prob knows WAY too much about me
.Katie - She will always be there through thick and thin and I know that..
.Running - Even thought I don't do it as much as I should, it makes me feel better about myself
.Family - they are my rock, always there for me
.Dancing by myself - Who doesn't love to boogy
.Ferrero Rocher - Oh the hazelnut goodness..
.Beach - I love the ocean.. it just amazes me.
.Stars - The thing I miss most about living in the country..

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