I am mourning the loss of my tooth. Number 2 to be exact. I am unsure of the exact date of passing, but I am sure it was deceased last Friday.

I had a tooth ache all last week, now I know it was my tooth, dying. Finally after I couldn't take anymore, I went to the dentist. **Side note If you know me, you know this is something that I hate more than most anything else** So, I had to have some x-rays done, and come to find out my tooth (actually only one nerve in my tooth, but what's the fun in that?) had died. AND if that's not bad enough, I now have to have a root canal.

I guess the root canal is kinda like my tooth's funeral. Its really expensive, and one it's finished it will be tucked in the back of my mouth and no one will be able to see the nice new crown it gets.


Thanks dad for my crappy teeth.

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