Don't make the same mistake I did...

So.. I learned a crappy, expensive lesson.

If you ever get laid off (God forbid) then run (yes, run as in don't walk) to the department of labor. I know what you're thinking--"oh, I'll get around to that later" or "I'll do it next week," or "maybe tomorrow.."

No, it can't wait. Regardless of what you think getting that unemployment check is a must--hello free money! I know it's not much, but its WAY better than $0. Which is basically what I got almost my WHOLE TERM of unemployment. So, I didn't know this tidbit of information that I am telling you. I know now. My sad story follows..

So, the weekend of Labor day I got laid off. Yeah, why not give someone the boot right before a holiday.. great idea. Anyway. So, I waited around for about 4 weeks before I went to file for my unemployment, like I said earlier, I thought it was retroactive. Well, I got a job my 4th week with no job... not as long of a break as I would have liked especially in summer.. but thats a whole other story.. ANYWAY... when i got the job, I was like.. man, i guess i should go file for some unemployment money while i have some spare time.. so i did, then I got hit with the -- "Your unemployment check begins from the day you file a claim" Damnit.

I hope you all never get laid off any job, but if you do. RUN to the dept. of labor. Get your free money.

But at least i got another job :)

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