living alone..

I LOVE living alone.. but it does definitely have it's ups and downs..

Some realizations I've had:
Yep, all those dirty dishes in the sink really are mine

You can't blame the mess on anyone else

Yeah, I guess I really did eat that whole cake..

nobody to split the water/power/rent/cable/internet/phone bill.. the real kicker.

nobody to ask if the 5th outfit you tried on looks better than the 2nd..

gotta move the furniture yourself, or wait for someone willing and able to come over and help..

i am the worst finder ever. I sit stuff down and lose it. I'm SO glad my head, arms and legs are attached.. i'd be a complete mess

But on the bright side:
no body moves your stuff.. I know exactly where my stuff is--under that pile of stuff....

No body eats your food or complains about what you bought.. the salad can turn to mush and nobody complains about it

You can watch whatever you want to on TV, and not get made fun of for watching Willy Wonka for the 523rd time

You can play your jam as loud as you want on repeat for as long as you want to shake
your groove thing.. So what if journey is played out.. its still AWESOME

I can hit snooze in the morning for an hour and a half and there is no one yelling at me about it

Its great to have a dog.. Zoe always listens and NEVER talks back.

Nobody else leaves their crap laying all over the place, or eats your food, or wears your clothes without telling you

You can walk around naked in your house :)

You can get up as early as you want and not worry about waking anybody else up..

You can be as loud as you want as late as you want

you can have whoever you want over, at any time!

In the end.. I think the ups DEFINITELY outweigh the downs..

AND i also wanted to note:
I had the best roommates in the world. I couldn't have asked for any better... the bad things aren't really about roommates I've had, they are about stories I've heard about other people's roommates.. I just wanna say even though they will prob never read it, I love you LT, Katie, and Kayla. You guys couldn't have made any better roommates, especially for me.. I mean, I am an only child after all :) (but not the spoiled kind)

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Aphy's Transcripts said...

Love the list and I agree with each one. Just add one to the kickers: no one to cuddle with in the winter.;)