The Perfect Man..

..is there really such a thing, prob not but I can dream right :)

The real truth to why I am even going to begin to try and describe my "perfect" idea of a guy is because one of my friends sent me his list of his "perfect" girl and he insisted on me having a response.. so here goes.. (in no particular order)

-great smile
-ability to make me laugh at any time
-if im in a bad mood, he's gotta be able to cheer me up (really this prob sounds a lot harder than it actually is, a hug usually works)
-able to handle my busy lifestyle (lets face it, im not around much I can't be with someone who needs me every second)
-nice guy (nice guys don't always finish last, I personally HATE jerks)
-athletic (it really bothers me when a guy can't just play catch)
-silly and serious (there's a time and place for everything)
-has his own interests, and not just like everything that I like
-has his own friends
-appreciates the little things (we all know its really the little things that matter)
-able to have fun with me out and about or watching youtube on my couch
-doesn't smoke
-open doors (yes, i'm old fashioned)
-confident, notice i did not say cocky
-be a friend (don't you want your 'man' to be your best friend)
-great eyes
-able to hold his end of the conversation
-financially stable
-get along with with my friends and family
-acts the same around everyone
-not jealous, been there done that (to me, this does not prove that you care, to me this means you are not confident being with me)
-independent (needy guys get on my nerves)
-able to cook (and clean :) I said perfect right.. )
-goal oriented (he's gotta know what he wants and actually go for it)
-want to learn
-likes to travel
-good to his mama (they always say a guy will treat you like he treats his mama)
-handy (fixing things)
-good with kids
-and wants at least one of his own
-can iron (I almost cut my finger off ironing, I'm not a fan)
-good dresser
-likes to try new things (restaurants, whatever)
-makes me happy
-agree to sometimes watch a chick flick (not always, but sometimes)
-keeps his promises
-quick witted
-competitive (he's gotta be able to keep up with me)
-no stalker tendencies
-appreciates me
-likes christmas (yep, im a christmas nerd, i love christmas songs and lights, and decorations)

this seems like a pretty long list, and it changes as i grow older, i think it actually gets longer as i get older, but I guess the older i am the more i know what i actually want, whats really important to me, and i dont settle for anything else, so why this...

really, i think most people are going to have pretty similar responses, but i guess everyone has their own personal flair that they throw into the mix.. and who knows.. maybe he's out there..



Anonymous said...

Pretty reasonable. Can't really argue with it. You've got the makings of a good man with that list.

Jess said...

Dang, nice. Just a solid list there, and of course it's the pic that brought me to your blog.