For Christmas I got my parents tickets to the Fox to see Cats and Rent. Both really famous broadway shows. We went to see Cats last saturday. Well, for starters it was a toss up whether they would be able to come up here or not, bc of the weather. But they ended up making the journey to my home in Atlanta. We walked (barefoot*) in the snow (uphill both ways) to see this show, and well... it just didn't do it for me. I think I caught my dad sleeping during the first half and may have even caught myself zoning out a time or two. It was just strange, hard to follow, and kinda (dare I say) boring.

I like musicals, but I am definitely not a fan of Cats. I only hope Rent is better.

*I wasn't actually barefoot, I had on these tiny black flats (which I adore) but they don't have the best sole on them, especially not for walking around in the snow

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