New Year, new memories..

Everyone makes resolutions at the beginning of each year, there is always something we can all improve on. 10 most common new years resolutions are:

1. Spend More Time with Family & Friends
2. Make more time for Fitness
3. Lose Weight
4. Quit Smoking
5. Enjoy Life More
6. Quit Drinking
7. Get Out of Debt
8. Learn Something New
9. Help Others
10. Get Organized

I must admit that some of those were on my list.
My list:
1. Use more coupons
2. Stick to my budget
3. Save some money
4. Eat healthy and eat less fast food
5. Make time to exercise
6. Vacation
7. Spend more time with family
8. Take more time for myself
9. Slow Down
10. Appreciate the small stuff more

Apparently, Family, Money, Myself, and Exercise are the key things I would like to improve on this year. I just realized this myself. I found this quote and I think it's very relevant to starting a new year.

Nothing lasts forever,
So live it up,
Drink it down,
Laugh it off,
Avoid the bullshit,
Take chances,
and Never have regrets,
Because at one point,
Everything you did
Was exactly what you wanted.

2007 was a great year, I had a lot of great times and made a lot of great memories. I am anxious to see what 2008 holds for me.

Here's to 2008!

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