My Pet..


Bad Drivers .. and slow drivers

When people don't use their blinker.. hello that's what they are for

Bad Grammar.. double negatives are the worst!

Misspellings.. like the word their when you mean there EH...

When I want to get off the phone but whoever I'm talking to won't let me go.. if i'm ever on the phone with you and i say something like ok, well i guess i'll let you go, just let me go, i am not in the mood to talk..

when people try to tell me what to do.. you're not the boss of me now..

negative people..

complaining ..really, thats not going to make anything any better, but i understand sometimes you just need to vent, and I totally do both..

people who can't take a joke.. im really just not that serious of a person, lighten up!

when people talk on their cell phone when checking out ..i dont know why this bothers me

when people don't make eye contact.. and SMILE! your face won't break.. i promise!

nosy neighbors.. stay outta my business my life is not a book, you don't need to know every detail

shedding animals.. i am clean, i don't like hair all over me.. and no, my dog does not shed, she is perfect.

when people wear black shoes with a brown belt, or vice versa..

oh, the list can go on and on.. but these are a few of the annoyances that were on the top of my head, so i thought i would share..

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